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Monday, July 05, 2004
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANTA CLAUS do you think santa claus, has a birthday? if he does, is it december 25th? or 26th? does miss. claus have a birthday? or is it Mrs. Claus, how come, nobody, calls santa, Mr. Claus? does Mrs. Claus have a first name? what is her first name? Sarah, or is it more, falectioious. like Monica Lewdiski?
insert go to hell, go to hell and die, there for me, agrentianiaaaaa... don't cry for me.
I'm Dan Rathers, Signing off, here is Tom Rowka, Brocka. I broke, Mr. Broka. they will give me a MisDemeaner. but not because they are meaner, just because they haven't seen her. give me a big kiss, for the home team. good bye for now, so long, orawava! say la vi! ta ta for now. no more right now. dark dark dark dark dark ark dark dark dark ark dark ark ark drak
Sunday, June 06, 2004
  bahh!!! look i'm a sheap. lama's don't laugh like a pig, pigs jump about and sing. laaaakookaaaracha. that's the biggest dance of all. sing it loud sing it pround, from the top down to the sounda, bounce all you mother fuckers. sing it loud sing it proud. don't turn me down, don't turn me away.

look out i'm coming for you. jump to the left, jump to the right, swing to the center and turn me about, i'll call you japa, look out pappy, i'm on the junaaapppy, jump jump jump.
page after page, write it out, i'll turn and shot. bounce bounce bounce.
no more mister nice guy, look out for the angery fist of darnkeen cheewy, booo, baahhh. jajpapenepepenenneeneyyyy. relallly, now get out of my face, out of this place, stay far away and we won't say niegh. come close to me and i'll nash with glee, don't come near i'll take a shit on thy. back up moofoo, i'll not like you, trippen and dippen like you'hoooo. back up back up, i've warned you now, next bottles aimed at you now! 
Sunday, May 30, 2004
  synapsis of the papsis put this into MSN and it'll make much more disturbing sense...

"WARNING - the publishers digital signiture for this file can not be authenticated by windows, do you wish to run anyways?"

the story is about nerdlinger 8-| and party guy <:o) nerdlinger and party guy were friends since they were little. you see nerdlinger and party guys moms were friends, so when the moms got together the kids came too. the mothers would drink there tea in the afternoon the moms would switch to bourbon, wine, and occassionally the rum.
Nerdlinger and party guys moms would get liquored up. party guy and nerdlinger 8-| <:o). <:o) had a wonderful basement full of amazing things that 8-| would always want to play with. party guy was cruel and would force 8-| to dress up in womens clothing and dance around, well <:o) ate popcorn and would laugh and laugh. this hut 8-| feelings he would sulk in the corner. studing the books that the mom had on the self, some were dirty and had pictures he didn't understand. others were books on math, science and politics. he'd read these wearing womens clothing until his mom would come and pick him up.
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
  enough with the names i've decided that the internet is a carefully initiated creation by VCR's in phase 2 of world domination. VCR's are just super genius AI's that by mistake and carbon got created, random gliche in the 1110001116000322. Now they are planning on slowly but surely moving on with there plans, the record button has been pressed and will slowly wipe us out 
Saturday, April 10, 2004
  lady named sally i dedicate the song, hunch back of oakville to my good buddy, MEX. HELLO mex. listen to my story, about a boy named sally. lusty little sally. *i'm singing to you all*, about a girl, named, *i'm going low hear*, lusty sally. *back up again*, Shee was a darly laadddddd*deep*yyyyy. *chorus*. Big bad *lower*SAAALLLllllllllllllllyyyyy. this is to my houaseee hosako.
i've got a special little spacious home, i used to know. she was a beauty, smelt like doottty. but i love that little place i used to know. sghe could be snootty, because the smell, see it was like doottty, not sure how to spell it, but i surelly sing it loud, i'll sing it proud, from the roof top, of a higher place then NOOONNN.
adam, he wasx an ape, much like a chimpamnzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. keeepin' reeeeeeeeeeeelll. adam keeep steaeeeeellllin' bases. butt watch out adaamm, for the cookeeeee. sahee a big, and taaaalll bottle, of .COKE. keep away the dirty whore. i know called, fondle door. really the door was big ol' insert button on the keyboard, i'm now board offf. i trail away from adam now, i'm sorrry deary, your now stupid more!!! sorryyy. i'm a snore. it's true.
chris, _his a big stong man_, "i'm a big stong man", chris doesn't like he surly gore, gore. he is mightly lazy, i'm sorry, but you are, i'm sorry. you make up for it, cause you never snore. big ol' sooooup spooooooooo*deeep*ooooo*back*pppppppppppp. *intro*the mules do love him, for his harsh and mayhem. he wanders around like suzanne husainnny. you think your soo cooll withl your supper snowmabille, slow as steeeeeaalll. keep hitttinè me with deep tonic sàuol tunes.
MAZKEs. take your name for grantet.max, ièm back bring me kissing from my darling sue. you are sooo kind and super faithful, sticken it to the man like julian follucchèè. big brown goofies, buggin* out of your smoottin*. beloved we are gathered here to say goodbye to the one we love, he was kind and strong, with a misdeminer you could cut with a butter knife. i will say goodbye now, i know i dont want to keep him alive, sorry. goodbye. goodbye. goodbye 
Friday, March 12, 2004

teenage mutant ninja turtles
ghost busters
big boss
power rangers
remote control cars
Wednesday, March 10, 2004
  more of the same elizabeth taylor has fucked up pants. her pants are high and tight, almost like pregnant pants. conan o'brien even commented. she is still hot though, he thought the same. p.s. (this is my offical blog for the month). 1:00am this is how i talk at this point, tired, drunk, ready to be hung over. fuck it, max thursday work i'm getting drunk. Irish up my coffee please. i once interviewed a stapler and asked it how it saw life. the stapler. let me call it molly. responded polygon-neliey. when i asked what the fuck that means, it only twinkled its eye and stated, very 2d, with lots of colors to spice it up. flat, very flat it said sadly. we need to liberate the stapler and give it a fresh to feel to life. stop punching it's head into paper and start giving it a liberated ideal of the world. the stapler is much too depressed to be happy. it needs to feel life, love and happiness between it's toes.
jeassury girl opens the 26, good news, i told you i was scared about the movie. FUCK YOU ALL!!! especially you, you know who you are. 

is anyone out there?

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